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It was a pleasure meeting you at last night's seminar. Gail has an amazing success story. She is Black History.
— Raytheon

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A Woman's War
by Gail Harris with Pam Mclaughlin

Gail Harris talked the Navy into assigning her to a combat intelligence job in 1973, twenty years before federal laws changed and it became legal breaking a 200 year old tradition. Her 28 year career included hands' on leadership in the intelligence community during every major conflict from the Cold War to El Salvador to Desert Storm to Kosovo; and most recently at the forefront of one of the Department of Defense's newest challenges Cyber Warfare. At her retirement, she was the highest ranking African American female in the Navy. Along the way she battled the status quo, office bullies and politics as well as her own personal demons and tendency to shoot herself in the foot.

Her unique experience and perspective provides an insider view of a rarely seen world, the complex task of intelligence support to military operations. Included are stories from her life highlighting the challenge of screening thousands of pieces of information on a daily basis to produce accurate intelligence reports for decision makers knowing if you get it wrong a war or crisis can break out on any given day.

This inspirational memoir shows how anyone can take command of the quality and trajectory of their life and prevail; it is also a look at the way intelligence is used and misused in these perilous times, and includes many highly personal anecdotes, as well as information accumulated over a career that included involvement in conflicts from the Cold War to the present war in Iraq.

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