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A Women's War Book CoverA Woman's War
by Gail Harris with Pam Mclaughlin
Published by Scarecrow Press

Whether anyone wants to admit it or not, the truth is, all of us battle some one or some thing trying to keep us from fulfilling our potential. Who or what is it for you?

Are you dealing with an office bully? Maybe you're battling an organizational status quo mentality when you have a vision to achieve so much more. Perhaps your battle is of a more personal nature such as depression, weight gain, or substance abuse.

Check out my posts on the US Defense Gail Force blog and discover how news shapes the way we see the world.

From an early age, Gail Harris fought these battles and many others as she battled her way from the ghettos of Newark, New Jersey to achieve a destiny, a career in Naval Intelligence; she believes was ordained for her the day she was born. Her 28 year career included hands' on leadership in the intelligence community during every major conflict from the Cold War to El Salvador to Desert Storm to Kosovo; and most recently at the forefront of one of the Department of Defense's newest challenges Cyber Warfare. At her retirement, she was the highest ranking African American female in the Navy.

In this book she shares how she found the strength and intelligence to prevail against seemingly insurmountable odds. More importantly, she shows how you can use these same techniques to fight and win the battles you face both on and off the job so you can achieve your goals and fulfill your destiny even though you face a War on any day!

Coming Fall 2009 from Scarecrow Press
To pre-order A Woman's War call: 800-462-6420


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