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Intelligence Analysis and Policy

Course Overview: This course examines intelligence analysis both as an intellectual discipline and its relation and effect on the decision making process of senior government and military officials as they formulate and execute foreign and defense policy. In order to do successful analysis, it is necessary to gain an understanding of the sources and methods involved. Consequently, the course begins with a discussion of the various types of intelligence available, including both technical and human sources. This will be followed by exploration of the intellectual skill set needed to perform successful analysis. Topics covered will include limitations in human thought processes as they pertain to analysis of an ongoing event, the concept of exploring several hypotheses to analyze an event, and an analytical checklist, a technique designed to prevent some common analytical pitfalls. The next part of the course will involve students working as teams and using these techniques examining the success or failure of intelligence analysis on selected historical events. By using these case studies, the inter action between the producers of intelligence and those who use the material will become more clear. Next the students will be given two intelligence analysis problems, one will be a written intelligence estimate and the second will be an oral presentation on a defense related intelligence problem. The course will culminate with teams of students developing a proposed intelligence architecture and policy designed to ensure effective intelligence analysis for a new, real world intelligence problem, cyber warfare.

Course Objectives: This course is designed to give defense industry professionals an understanding of the challenges and problems involved in producing timely relevant intelligence analysis. If attendees have a better understanding of how the intelligence community actually works they will be able to provide more effective support and solutions.

Course Length: 2 Weeks

Cost: Negotiable

Location: On sight training. Will require training room with computer and internet access for each student.

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