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Could Another 9/11 Happen?
Could the U.S. be facing a Cyber Pearl Harbor?

How effective is America's Intelligence Community?

Few guests are as timely or interesting as Captain Gail Harris, USN (Retired) who can provide an insider view giving the American public a window into the complex task of intelligence analysis that supports military operations and show that without the work of thousands of unsung people (many in their late teens and early 20s) A Woman's War.

Bring Captain Harris on your show to discuss why:

The Intelligence community collects one billion pieces of information every 24 hours. Given the volume of information they must handle, it is inevitable for intelligence analysts to miss things. It is a testament to the hard work of many individuals that 9/11 represented only the second catastrophic intelligence failure in the last 100 years.

In order to succeed the 16 intelligence agencies must learn to play well with others.

What every American should know about how the intelligence community operates to keep America safe.

She can also discuss:

Her Memoir, A Woman's War, published by Scarecrow Press January 2010.

She left a six figure job in corporate America to write the book. What was her motivation?

Should women be allowed in combat?

Is intelligence analysis influenced by politics i.e. tell the party in power what they want to hear?

She can shed light on little known events that changed the course of history. For instance, what if the reason no WMD was found in Iraq was because President Clinton's defense strategy between the first and second Gulf Wars was more successful than we realized or he was given credit for.


Her 28 year career in Naval Intelligence includes hands—on leadership during every major conflict from El Salvador to Desert Storm to Kosovo, and most recently at the forefront of the Department of Defense's new challenge, Cyber Warfare. At the time of her retirement, she was the highest ranking African American female in the Navy. Writes a popular blog, GailForce, on defense topics for the Foreign Policy Association, the largest network of global affairs blogs online.


We're in the Midst of a Cyber War, But One We Can Win
By Gail Harris
International Affairs Forum
We [the U.S.] are in an undeclared cyber war; one that could at anytime bring our nation to its knees. Reported incidents of malicious cyber activity against the Department of Defense (DoD) reached 43,880 in 2007 and 54,640 in 2008--a 20 percent increase. In the first six months of 2009 there were 43,785. Projecting out to the end of the year we’re looking at a 60 percent increase compared to 2008.1
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GailForce: Prejudice — No Stinkin' Thinkin' in My House
By Gail Harris
Durango Guardian
I was pondering the recent incident involving a black Fort Lewis College professor who got his office door torched by unknown person or persons. According to press reports this was only the most recent incident. Apparently he had been targeted previously, including an incident of someone putting a swastika in his mailbox.
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GailForce: McCain vs. Obama and Female Political Perceptions
By Gail Harris
Durango Guardian
Yesterday I followed my usual morning routine of having one of the morning news programs on as I showered, dressed and made up my bed. My normal habit is to use half of my conscious brain to listen to news items and the other half to plan out my day. I work out of my home, but living in a great place like Durango, it's easy to get distracted by the thought of going on a bike ride or a hike. I've found if I figure out my professional obligations for the day early on, there's less of a chance I'll play hooky.
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National Security Issues Need More Attention
By Gail Harris
Durango Guardian
After reading Senator Obama's July 14, 2008, New York Times Op-Ed piece "My Plan for Iraq", I wondered yet again if I was living in an alternate reality. I've watched all the candidates and media pundits and other "experts" hoping against hope that someone would stop speaking in sound bites, stop focusing on ideological trees and look at the whole forest. Bringing troops home from Iraq and for that matter Afghanistan will not end Al Qaeda's war against us. I've yet to hear any candidate talk about their strategy to end the Global War on Terrorism.
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